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Loan Types

Everyone is different, why shouldn't loans be? At Accesable Mortgage, instead of offering a limited number of loans with strict guidelines for approval, we offer a virtually unlimited selection of loans and qualification structures. Our loan specialists will discuss your goals, your plans and your financial and credit history with you. Then, we'll build your loan, your way. Our nationwide network allows us to review, compare and match your needs with the most compatible loan product, at the most competitive rates, guaranteed. Want lower payments? Extended terms? Funding for your dream house? Do you have no credit, poor credit history or need capitol for a new venture?
Where other lenders end, we're only just beginning. Access your future, realize your dreams. At Accesable Mortgage, we make it happen.

To speak to an Accesable Mortgage loan specialist, call 330-869-6344 now.

Commercial Loans

Successful day-to-day operations require an uninterrupted supply of capital. That's where Accesable Mortgage customized loan concept fits into your company's financial future with funding to keep your business running smoothly and profitably, day in and day out. At Accesable, we offer many types of commercial loans customized to your individual business needs:

Home and Real Estate Equity Loans

Your company's real estate, or even you personal home, can be a resource for business growth. Like your personal home mortgage, business real estate loans are typically based on a percentage of real estate equity. At Accesable Mortgage, we can help you to use the value of your property to fund business growth and day-to-day operations.


Creative Loans

At Accesable Mortgage, different describes our attitude to lending. Instead of offering you a few, standard loan options, we search the financial world for a wide selection of loans to meet your needs. Our customized loan process allows us to create exactly the loan you require. Even if you've had credit problems, high credit debt or are self-employed, we'll work diligently to find and close the loan you require. Best yet, we do the work for you, contacting and researching the most competitive lenders available, then providing you with clear, simple steps throughout the loan process. At Accesable Mortgage, where other lenders end, we're just beginning and we will work with you to realize the perfect loan for your needs. A few of the many creative loans we offer are:

Interest Only

* Low monthly payments consisting only of interest for the first five or seven years
* Available with 5/1 and 7/1 adjustable- rate loans
* Homebuyers looking to increase their short-term cash flow
* Homebuyers who intend to move or refinance within a few years

Jumbo Loans

* Mortgage amounts in excess of the conforming loan limit of $333,700 set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
* Also known as non-conforming loans
* Typically carry higher interest rates
* Homebuyers who need financing to purchase a more expensive property
* Investment-minded buyers who can afford a large purchase, but want to leverage their assets more effectively

Blend Jumbo Loan

* A fixed-rate loan up to the conforming loan limit, combined with an adjustable-rate second mortgage to cover the rest of your home purchase
* Lower monthly payments than with a regular jumbo loan for the same total amount

Expanded Financing Loans

* Alternate documentation options for income, debt, and credit
* Less hassle for self-employed borrowers or foreign nationals
* Financing for unusual property types, such as condotels and log or earth homes
* Self-employed homebuyers or foreign nationals who may have trouble with typical mortgage documentation requirements
* People interested in financing unusual property types

Bridge Loan

* Financing to purchase a new home before the existing home is sold
* More buying power, because existing mortgage payments aren't considered for qualification

First-and-Second-Mortgage Combination

* Combines a first mortgage with a home equity loan
* Home equity loan can supplement down payment funds to bring the loan-to- value ratio down to 80%, bypassing mortgage insurance costs
* Homebuyers without enough cash for a large down payment
* Homebuyers who don't want to liquidate higher-yielding investments for a down payment

* Bypasses mortgage insurance costs when loan-to-value ratio is less than 80%
* Money that would have gone to mortgage insurance goes instead to tax- deductible interest payments
* Homebuyers without enough cash for a 20% down payment







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