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Business Loans

Home and Real Estate Equity Loans

If you need cash for your business, Accesable Mortgage offers you the ability to use your residential or commercial real estate equity to fund your dreams. Plus, by choosing a real estate equity you may be able to access more money, and lower interest rates, than with a traditionalloan or line of credit. Plus, tax advantages may apply.

* Get cash quickly by using your home or business real estate equity
* Lower your monthly mortgage payment by refinancing at a better rate
* Upgrade your business with new equipment or facility enhancements
* Access a low interest credit line
* Pay off higher rate loans or credit accounts

Asset Based Lending
Companies unable to obtain, or restricted by, traditional bank financing may find greater credit availability and flexibility in an asset-based loan from Accesable Mortgage. Asset-based loans are very customized and may actually consist of a variety of loans including revolving lines of credit and term loans secured by accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, real estate and certain other assets. Accesable Mortgage loan professionals find and close creative business growth loans where other lending institutions often fail. By searching the nation for progressive lenders and our commitment to innovation, we can help to achieve funding for business:

* Turnaround
* Real Estate Acquisitions
* Recapitalization
* Seasonal Sales
* Short Operating History
* Acquisition and Merger
* Shareholder Buyout
* Chapter 11 Bankruptcy







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